woensdag 28 juli 2010

glorious doodles

Faces of random girls. I am not very original today.

dinsdag 27 juli 2010


working on a comic.. At last.

maandag 26 juli 2010


The dragon and koala were fun to draw.

zondag 25 juli 2010

yeah some more gaia stuff... Really should start on my other work now.

zaterdag 24 juli 2010


two down, one to go!

vrijdag 23 juli 2010


yeah drawn in the morning......

donderdag 22 juli 2010

mermaid sketch

And now it is time to launch Illustrator! Yeah!

woensdag 21 juli 2010

a needle

Comic I am working on. Will include needles.
Are you thrilled yet?

dinsdag 20 juli 2010

scrap scrap scrap

It is a C-Man! Do not mind the Hello Kitty paper.........

maandag 19 juli 2010


I like messing up pictures.

zondag 18 juli 2010

another Dan

I was watching Bakugan while I drew this ^^;

zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Digimon preview

This is one of the stages of my Veemon-like digimon :)

vrijdag 16 juli 2010

Dan Kuso

a little sketch of Dan Kuso of Bakugan ^^

donderdag 15 juli 2010

woensdag 14 juli 2010

The guy on the right is supposed to be Snape from Harry Potter ^^;

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

maandag 12 juli 2010



ok you may get to what music I am listening to.

zondag 11 juli 2010

some gaia girls XD

zaterdag 10 juli 2010


3 avi's... Now I need some water *sweat*

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

bird and human

Ok I found this old work on my computer today. I thought I would upload it. Since it is too warm and do not know what to do after finishing this.

donderdag 8 juli 2010

some lines

It is warm today =_= this room hardly knows good ventilation.

woensdag 7 juli 2010

ok I drew something

felt a bit sick last days... but I finally finished a simple drawing. ^^

maandag 5 juli 2010

the sketch had many lines. ^^;

zondag 4 juli 2010

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

actually its too warm to shade or draw or ink or sketch or whatever.....

vrijdag 2 juli 2010


Yesh. I can only draw gaia stuff in ze heat.

donderdag 1 juli 2010

Guess what

*cough* more *cough*