zondag 30 maart 2014


*jumps back to finish off illustrations*

zaterdag 29 maart 2014


Here are two things I am working on currently. The first one is a landscape (yes, I am finally drawing a landscape!) in ink.

And a ballpoint drawing. Which is more my thing.

vrijdag 28 maart 2014


My interpretation of the chupacabra, an animal that sucks blood of goats. It is basically a crossover between a vampire, a kangaroo and a reptile.

woensdag 26 maart 2014


A while ago I was knitting a big scarf. It turned out this big that I could use it as a small blanket too. Anyway, here are some pictures of it. The scarf has many colors as you can see.

+ a profile shot of me. It is kinda hard to wear this as a scarf really. It is heavy... for a scarf I guess.

It was VERY light outside.

It had like 150 stitches in a row, that is a lot I think! Next time I am trying to make a sweater, with less stitches.

vrijdag 21 maart 2014

donderdag 20 maart 2014

charcoal drawings

Last drawing lesson I worked with charcoal. We collected pictures and then we had to draw them, enhancing some of the aspects. I chose the "darkness" of the pictures. The first drawing actually was not done, but I liked it too so I included this one as well.

zondag 16 maart 2014

zaterdag 15 maart 2014


Number one is personal work and number two is a commisison.

vrijdag 14 maart 2014

ink works

For school I finished two ink drawings, here you can see them:

"Maria in the lake"

Taking photographs of these is always hard, I want them to keep the same impact but a photo is much different than the real thing. The first work (I will refer to it as "Maria") is actually A1 and the second one is A2. I only drew on the Maria artwork, the other girl is done with mostly ink washes.

Oh, and finally a picture of two hares I took. These suddenly appeared in the fields and I thought they were cute so I photographed them.

dinsdag 11 maart 2014

work sketches part 2

doodling while working. Double productive

vrijdag 7 maart 2014

sketchbook 161

At the moment I am packing everything up to go to art school tomorrow (yeah, it involves some packing since we have to bring many images). So I thought I would post just what I have in the sketchbook currently.

anatomy/random cat people/etc notes and more stuff. 

dinsdag 4 maart 2014

what keeps me busy at the moment

I am knitting again so I got some new yarn. Some of it is from my grandmother though, she thinks it is cool I like to knit XD

And I set up a new painting. It is very rough right now, so I gotta work on it more.

This drawing is almost finished now. You can only see a part of it here. The original size is A1. I thought of drawing a character that looks like Maria.

And this is what I am knitting. It will be a very big scarf, I hope!

zondag 2 maart 2014

quick studies

I have been studying for a bit again as you can see. The first two are from life. The people are drawn from a pose reference website. Quickposes.com I think?