zaterdag 27 april 2013

zondag 21 april 2013


It is time to drop my sketches again! As you can see I really prefer sketching with ballpoint pens and fineliners. This time it was a pink fineliner. I also listened a lot of Basshunter lately, no idea why.
Anyway I really should post some other stuff than just sketches here I think...
Maybe next time!

zaterdag 13 april 2013

I have been travelling some lately, for school and work so I sketched a lot in trains again. 

This woman on the right was making strange faces while doing her make-up haha

Some are from observation and others are just from head.

maandag 1 april 2013


Hello there! I should have posted this way earlier but I left the pictures on my camera for a while. These first two paintings are from painting class. Actually the presketches are under the bigger painting.

And this is a rather personal painting I did. I finished off very quickly since they adviced me to do so (at school haha)

And the last one is some kind of study-ish paintings of two scarves.