dinsdag 30 september 2014

learning from the old masters

Lately I have been painting some master studies to learn how they approached things. Here are some of the studies I did:

I cannot remember the names of the painters though. I am sure you may recognize some of these since these were by some very classical painters.

zaterdag 27 september 2014

sea turtle monster

doodled this on some company's scrap paper.

donderdag 25 september 2014

Phoenix and Maya

I have been playing Ace Attorney a lot, such a nice game. Here is some fan art of it. Actually I like Maya the most.

Today I had a job interview and got rejected after the conversation. I am glad they let me know early, but it does feel useless to travel 1,5 hours to just get rejected and go home again. It was not really my kind of job but I need an income, so that's why I tried.
Now I gotta get back to drawing again, it seems harder to focus on that nowadays.

zondag 21 september 2014

critics day is over

This Saturday it was time for my judgement at school. I gathered all my works and hung (hanged? My English is failing me) them on the wall. It did not go so well, the teacher expected something different. So next time I must improve more I guess! Here are some photos that described the last few days.

This is the pile of drawings I took with me. Previous judgement day I had some more work, this day I tried to focus on quality more.

My most recent ballpoint drawing, I took this one with me too.

During these weeks I was knitting a bag. It is not done yet though. This was just for fun, I did not bring it to school since it is not relevant to my artwork there.

Another shot of the bag I am knitting.

Here I am knitting the strap of the bag. My mother will sew the pieces together, she wants it to look neat. When I sew it, it comes out a little messier. You may have seen it when I knitted my sweater.

woensdag 17 september 2014

done scanning

and I am done scanning this little sketchbook now. I guess it can go to the pile of full sketchbooks now. These are just random doodles.

dinsdag 16 september 2014

recent paintings

Icon commission:

And a mecha pilot because I wanted to draw one.

He is in an advanced cockpit, flying over the ocean. 

maandag 15 september 2014

skin deep

Title has nothing to do with the drawings. I was listening to a song called "Skin Deep". I love Audrey Gallagher, such a nice voice she has.

zondag 14 september 2014

final pages

This sketchbook is full now, but I still have to scan some pages.

vrijdag 12 september 2014


Just an update from my messy work place. Next week they will check my work again at art school.

maandag 1 september 2014


Finally reinstalled everything, so here is a new update!