vrijdag 28 februari 2014

donderdag 27 februari 2014

zondag 23 februari 2014

digital paintings this week

Nikto (or "nobody" in Russian)

and I drew a Gundam, yay!

vrijdag 21 februari 2014

what I drew at work

Note: my job is not really about drawing. I mainly did these for distraction.

dinsdag 18 februari 2014


got some new sketches here. Also writing some random Russian things. Or at least it is Cyrillic.

zondag 16 februari 2014


I really like using ink. Yesterday I took these works to school as well. It is funny, they actually liked the one that I did not like at all (which is the last one). I will experiment some more with ink to get interesting results I guess.
 I also uploaded this one to DeviantART >> click
Okay, this kind of looks like Light from Death Note. :> Very inspiring character.
The teachers liked this one, even though I think it looks weird. :V

vrijdag 14 februari 2014

donderdag 13 februari 2014


For Mixed Media class I am going to make a collection of all the pages of the school diaries (agenda) that I still have. Here are some photos I took. The oldest is from when I was 14. I doodled a lot in my school diaries back then. It is fun to see how much I and my drawing skills changed.

dinsdag 11 februari 2014

paint spots

Continuing the Mixed Media class from previous post, here are some more things (pictures) I collected. I took several shots of paint spots at school. At art school there are plenty of places to find paint spots. Especially in the painting class (of course).

zondag 9 februari 2014

high key - low key

experimenting with different pallettes, for a study group.

zaterdag 8 februari 2014

collection of T's

The theme of my Mixed Media class is "collections" and we had to collect several things in the school building and take photographs of it. I collected "T's", different types of the letter T. Here you can see what I have found so far. My project for this class will be different though.

vrijdag 7 februari 2014


 I have got some things to finish before judgement day at school. Including this picture of a woman who wants to be a deer.

This one is finished now, it is A3-sized and features a school girl with a boring life dreaming of better things.

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

first day

Today I went to my new job. I am really tired now so I thought I would just scan some sketchbook pages..

maandag 3 februari 2014


created this risk map for a client in 2013.