donderdag 29 augustus 2013


Recently I felt like taking more pictures, so here is one of the superblack tea of today. It is passion fruit tea. Tastes a bit like passion fruit, but not when it is this black.

My sister's birthday is coming up so I bought her a gift, it is an agenda (I can say it here, she does not read this anyway). I also bought some Hello Kitty chocolate eggs because I collect the little figurines inside.

And finally, a little drawing. Sometimes it is so nice to work with traditional media again.

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

lost kitten

I spotted this little cat when taking a walk. It sure does look small in this environment.

And I doodled a bit.

zondag 25 augustus 2013

this week

 It is now Sunday evening. Sundays are always hard for me to get through. They are very boring. I probably have mentioned that before. That's why I always paint on Sunday, then I still can feel free. This painting above is from a while ago. I made it for school. The painting looks different in real life though. The colors are very different. Anyway, it is just a girl, wondering what to do. With all these ideologies and such. I added some stars, a cross and some symbols that are related to communism to that thing on her head.
 I thought there was a mushroom growing on this plant, turns out my father just put it there.

 I always put my tools on my bed. Yes, I got a Bakugan pillow. If anyone still knows Bakugan.. haha
Here is a new painting I am working on. I am thinking of making a second part of it, so that there are two paintings  that form one bigger painting.
Can't wait for school to start :>

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

drawing at the pool

A few days ago I went to the pool because it was very hot weather. Actually, it is still hot weather but I won't be having time to go  to the pool again I think. Anyway, I drew some people there and some random things from imagination. It is like free life drawing sessions, but then on the grass, with people that move.

dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

photos and paintings

Sometimes I like to take snapshots of my "adventures". Here I was in Ede to visit a friend from art school.<3 p="">
Other than that I have been painting some things for art school. I am getting more freedom with traditional acrylicsc it seems.

I actually got the idea for this one from reading a book that takes place in North Korea.

This was painted on some blue paper I had left.

And I started knitting some more too, which is quite a strange hobby when it is 30 degrees Celsius outside. This scarf is getting quite long already!

Last picture of today is inspired by Roy Liechtenstein (way too obvious) haha, which was more like a big scrap. But I do like the colours of it.