zondag 25 augustus 2013

this week

 It is now Sunday evening. Sundays are always hard for me to get through. They are very boring. I probably have mentioned that before. That's why I always paint on Sunday, then I still can feel free. This painting above is from a while ago. I made it for school. The painting looks different in real life though. The colors are very different. Anyway, it is just a girl, wondering what to do. With all these ideologies and such. I added some stars, a cross and some symbols that are related to communism to that thing on her head.
 I thought there was a mushroom growing on this plant, turns out my father just put it there.

 I always put my tools on my bed. Yes, I got a Bakugan pillow. If anyone still knows Bakugan.. haha
Here is a new painting I am working on. I am thinking of making a second part of it, so that there are two paintings  that form one bigger painting.
Can't wait for school to start :>

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