zondag 30 januari 2011


Time to add a new sketchbook spread... Lots of animals on this one.
School starts tomorrow, not looking forward to taking very early trains to be there on time *sigh*

zaterdag 29 januari 2011


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new diary entry. About my hair.
Did you know I actually never dyed it?

vrijdag 28 januari 2011


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new diary entry

donderdag 27 januari 2011

sketch compilation January 2011

Second one of January already. I have been sketching more I guess. ^^
References are mostly pictures I found on Tumblr.

maandag 24 januari 2011

sketchbook page

A page this time, not a spread.

zondag 23 januari 2011


Oh yes another look in my sketchbook.
There is an Athrun in it! xD

zaterdag 22 januari 2011


Originally uploaded by xixaa
my new diary project allows me to experiment with various media.

donderdag 20 januari 2011


Doodled at work: a girl with a Chinese latern.
Oh yes my demo worked today. Now I am tired...
Yet I am colouring since I finally can colour something now. D=
*listening to Binary Finary remixes*

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Marcus Damon

just found back this somewhat old drawing (2010) from Marcus Damon. I am going to colour it I guess. He is from Digimon Data Squad! =D

zondag 16 januari 2011


Some sketchbook spread.
On this spread: random female characters. Attempts at little Digimon (Nyarumon, Motimon, Poyomon), a hipster andddd a bat.
Oh and one of my characters I used for a Pokemon Tournament, Jurgen.
Gah I am tired. Tomorrow glorious Monday oh noes

zaterdag 15 januari 2011


tried to draw a Gundam again. I do not like this drawing very much, I already see a lot of mistakes :(
Anyway, it is good for practice.
I thought this was the Gundam Wing Zero but after looking it up, it's not I guess. I have no idea what type this was. Last time I watched Gundam Wing was years ago... ^^;

donderdag 13 januari 2011

woensdag 12 januari 2011

painting update

Yesh... Still the cat with the hieroglyphs. I think this is my biggest acrylic painting so far.

My paintbrush is even suffering it:

Also tried to paint a model (some cover of Vogue) but it is hard to paint models like this it seems =/

At least I am trying out something new :)

maandag 10 januari 2011


Some sketches referenced from photos. It was fun to draw them and good for practice.
I could not find back the other ones...

donderdag 6 januari 2011

maandag 3 januari 2011

the unpublished sketches

still from 2010. Doodles during work.

zondag 2 januari 2011


It is actually an Australian blue tongue lizard. Anthro version.