vrijdag 31 december 2010


today's sketch.

donderdag 30 december 2010

old version of High Road

Oh gosh I found an old drawing of my comic High Road. This is from 2006. I am quite ashamed XD
It is funny to see how the characters barely changed though :)
I still used a brush pen here. o_0

dinsdag 28 december 2010

what I draw while programming

Title covers it all I guess. I cannot draw complicated Gundams while bitching over C#. I should work on that.

Left hand: codes
Right hand: draws Gundam Deathscythe + Duo Maxwell.

My brain would go crazy. *sigh*

Yes that thing that looks like Mew is Mew.
*Pokemon fan*

zondag 26 december 2010

more animals

and now I will watch gundam 00! Period.

zaterdag 25 december 2010

vrijdag 24 december 2010

weird things

Yes Sushy draws a lot during work time.

donderdag 23 december 2010

Meer Campbell

Just some sketches of Meer Campbell.
I coloured the one on the right very quickly. ^^;
I like pink hair. And stars. :3

dinsdag 21 december 2010


Still practicing with the Gundam drawings. Maybe I should get one of those figures just to have a proper model instead of pictures from the internet. v_v
Anyway, today a Gundam from the Gundam 00 series, the GNT-0000!
Reminds me of the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam actually...
Anyway I just watched an episode of Gundam 00 so I thought I should draw one of those. I hope you like it!

zondag 19 december 2010


It was a while ago since my last Gaia commission. Here is a new one.

zaterdag 18 december 2010


I want to improve so I am trying to draw some different things. These are referenced from photos.
The girl with the dress and stars is from here.
The woman with the hat is from this interesting blog.
The goat-like animal (I have no idea what else to call it) is from here.
The bird is referenced from some card I got from my mother. ^^;

vrijdag 17 december 2010

donderdag 16 december 2010


I really should learn to draw less manga. *sigh*

dinsdag 14 december 2010


oh look, a sketchbook spread!

zaterdag 11 december 2010

paintery doodle

Usually I paint with pens but this time I doodled with paint.

vrijdag 10 december 2010


My Hello Kitty painting is finished now!
I show two photos here because I suck at photography and cannot show them clear in *one* picture. Well, I hope you like it nonetheless :D

woensdag 8 december 2010

painting hello kitty #2

another work in progress shot! *gets back to vectoring now*

maandag 6 december 2010

painting hello kitty^^

Hello. I got something really cute from my mother. ^^; She gave me this Hello Kitty canvas:

It is like a colouring picture but then with painting. Of course I will make it into something more interesting than just base/unshaded colours.^^
Base layer:

More colouring:

As you can see it is not finished yet but I soon will ^^; Acrylic painting is really fun sometimes xD

zaterdag 4 december 2010

started it

but never finished it... Scrap.

donderdag 2 december 2010

my map

You could say I draw on almost everything. This is a map I used to order some papers. ^^;