zondag 21 september 2014

critics day is over

This Saturday it was time for my judgement at school. I gathered all my works and hung (hanged? My English is failing me) them on the wall. It did not go so well, the teacher expected something different. So next time I must improve more I guess! Here are some photos that described the last few days.

This is the pile of drawings I took with me. Previous judgement day I had some more work, this day I tried to focus on quality more.

My most recent ballpoint drawing, I took this one with me too.

During these weeks I was knitting a bag. It is not done yet though. This was just for fun, I did not bring it to school since it is not relevant to my artwork there.

Another shot of the bag I am knitting.

Here I am knitting the strap of the bag. My mother will sew the pieces together, she wants it to look neat. When I sew it, it comes out a little messier. You may have seen it when I knitted my sweater.

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