dinsdag 4 juni 2013

rough paintings

*yawn* Really tired of work today. I had to do lots of stuff. @_@
So to cheer myself up I am going to tell you what I did for painting class lately.  I loved this class for the experiments and freedom in painting.

Here we started with sketching up some compositions. These are kinda messy on a big paper.

And here is the first composition I completed. I took various elements from other photographs to put in the picture, such as the window, mirror, house and girl/woman.

After that I still had some time left, so I made this really quick painting, which was also based upon one of the composition sketches. This one took about 20 minutes or so.

Then I also had the opportunity to make some personal work with painting. This first one is themed about... whores. XD And yeah I broke every rule of anatomy.

Second one is more manga inspired. I kinda like the brush strokes in this one.
Hmmz final judgement of this year is coming up, I should hurry and finish all my other stuff for academy too!

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