dinsdag 29 april 2014

birthday gifts

Yesterday was my birthday, I am 25 now. I got some nice gifts, which you can view here. :>

First I got this small canvas to paint on, it is really tiny. The stand for it is tiny as well. I think it is very cute. I also got a Hello Kitty brush. It is not very clear on this picture but at the back it has these things so that you can brush your hair with it. It seems to be made for children, but I like it a lot.

More painting supplies, always welcome! So I guess I will go back to painting more often.

And I got some soap, not very original but very useful. :>

To actually end this with a drawing, I am showing you my most recent work in progress here. It is a big drawing on A1 paper. All done with ink.

It is almost done. I am glad that I finished the background now.

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