donderdag 6 november 2014

photo update

It has been a while since my last photo update, I guess there was not much to take pictures from. Now I finished some things and got some nice things from a book store so I guess it is time for a photo update now.

I finished this drawing, it is based upon a screen shot of the Hunger Games. I really liked the book actually so I thought I would do something with that for my artwork.

From my previous job I got a gift card I could spend at a book store. I actually did not buy any books, but spent it on an agenda and magazines. That purple thing on the left is the agenda, I think it loooks very neat. That other magazine is Flow, some kind of lifestyle magazine. I like browsing through it. It has interesting articles and I like the way they designed it. It also got some neat patterns for crafting in it.

My gift card had some money left so I bought these two magazines as well. I felt nostalgic, so I bought that Pokemon magazine. I will use that photo magazine for references for drawing practice.

I used that paper from Flow magazine for creating this new cut-out illustration. I added a light to it now. I actually should add a pillow and bed for as well I think. I like this result already though.

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