maandag 24 november 2014

final museum post

Finally I sorted through all my pictures of the excursion, here are the final ones. The first three are still from the Verbeke Foundation. The other ones are from another museum we went to, SMAK in Gent.

A 3D orb in the garden of the Foundation.

Some kind of air instrument, it actually worked when the wind was blowing.

And the final picture of the Verbeke Foundation are these decorative mixed media pieces.
In SMAK there was an exhibition of an artist I forgot the name of. I did not like her work very much actually but some things were pretty interesting.

She had one huge artwork in a very big museum room. They looked like dead trees.

Here you see the other side of it. Biggest artwork I have seen so far I think.

some other artists had work there as well, such as these photos. These were pretty nice.

I was surprised to see some traditional painting here as well. That frame is really pretty. I also like the monochrome pallette the artist used.

Anyway, these were all the pictures of the excursion. I should be making some regular blog posts about drawing and such here soon. 0w0

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