donderdag 31 oktober 2013

photo update

This winter I am going to try to keep my feet warm with these! Ok it is not working already because my feet get cold all the time, but oh well, I gotta keep trying.

I saw these fish at some market a while ago, I found this pretty actually. I think fish are too beautiful to eat actually, but I have to sometimes for my diet.

This is a new painting I finished for school. I was inspired to paint about periods again (guess I had one huhu) and I connected it with... communism. You know, red blood -> red army, right? Probably the weirdest painting I have done.

I started on a new painting too, but it is just a messy sketch for now.
These apples lay in a funny way I thought. They are from the garden actually.

Oh and I tried to film my hamster, so maybe I can upload it one day. I will have to edit a lot, since animals are so unpredictable.

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