woensdag 2 oktober 2013


Gosh I am so sick today. It is hard to be productive, so I guess I can just post my school work here. Saturday I had my first Mixed Media class. The theme was sculptures. It kinda looked like the 3D lessons I had previous year. We had to use uncommon materials to make sculptures.

My classmates felt like getting experimental with smoke and bubbles. Soon the whole room was filled with bubbles and burning candles.

I tried making a sculpture with pieces of a puzzle, but it kept falling apart.

A rather simple thing with a wire, teacher liked it though. :>

After that I tried using those plastic coffee/tea spoons that you can find in most public canteens.

It kept groing and groing XD

I was surprised I could make it a hanging artwork too. Here it hangs next to a coat. My homework is to continue with this sculpture. And take it to next class, which will be hard since this material breaks very easily.

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