donderdag 10 oktober 2013

school work and such

For sculpture class I have to make a sculpture at home, with a chosen material, and you can see the result so far in this photo. I have to add some more spoons and then I will take some more photos of it and ... transport it to class. That will be an adventure, it is hard to transport this on the bus/train/bicycle, which I use to get to school.

I also finished a new painting, which I will take with me for judgement day. This one is inspired by Las Vegas and pop culture.

Do you remember the scarf I was knitting? I finished now, and here you see me wearing it. :> It has been ages since I took a photo of myself haha. I am more suitable to be behind the camera I think. The scarf is kinda small though, so I guess it is more suitable for summer.

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