zondag 15 september 2013

intense lesson about lines

Yesterday I went to school for a drawing lesson (a lesson that takes up the whole day, yes). It was about drawing lines. First task was to draw tennis balls from life using charcoal. Charcoal is not my thing, but it went well I guess. We were only allowed to make lines and we had to keep the stick of charcoal on the paper all the time.

This makes me think of the Pepsi logo haha. Anyway, lots of lines. That was what the lesson was all about: linework.

These sheets were big too, these are all done on A1 paper. The biggest format I draw on is A2 .. o_o

Then we switched to a beach ball.

And a basket ball. Which got very deformed xD

Then did not understand the assignment well. We just had to make this:

I had to fold the papers because they were too big for my map. These lines should be horizontal but the fold distorts them.

And some verticals..

I guess this is abstract. I never do abstract lol

Last drawing we had to draw many lines and create something by making everything more black. It got so black that I needed to use white chalk. I felt like Jackson Pollock.

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