donderdag 5 september 2013

photo update

During the week I encountered some interesting things. Such as this cucumber from our garden. It has a rather strange form I think. You never see them like this in the super market.

Then I decided it was time to photograph my hamster. I think she is a super star.

She is the cutest thing ever. First she was white though and then she turned grey. o_0 I guess that is their summer fur. This hamster does not really have a name, I often call her "Beestje", which means something like little monster or little beast.

And finally a new painting. I gotta make sure I have enough work on judgement day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beestje => Creature? Also coole komkommer. Hoe smaakte hij? :')

    1. Hoe zou je het anders vertalen, little beast vind ik eigenlijk ook de lading niet dekken.
      Die komkommer smaakte een beetje raar trouwens, zoals de meeste dingen uit de tuin.

    2. En creature is meer iets voor een "wezen", creatuur of schepsel :P